The Hafro Ceramics project includes five different collections of designer washbasins and one console collection, which allow for maximum customisation of the bathroom environment. All models are characterised by elegant shapes that enhance the style of the room, but at the same time are specifically conceived to be functional, practical and durable objects. From countertop washbasins, such as Avigo, Altino and Albo, to wall-mounted washbasins like Arko, to the iconic Vigno freestanding washbasin, Hafro offers a complete selection of ceramic washbasins, available in different sizes, colours and with multiple installation options, designed to meet any customer's needs and desires. The Vera console, for example, is available with wall installation, on a steel structure (ideal for contract projects), or on all Geromin bathroom furniture washbasin bases. The Arko washbasin, on the other hand, is both available with wall-mounted installation and in a countertop version, while Vigno is the freestanding washbasin with two types of installation, with floor or wall drain.

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Hafro ceramic washbasins: elegance and long-lasting quality

When developing and manufacturing Hafro ceramic washbasins, we paid particular attention to the materials: all the washbasins, but also the sanitaryware, have an antibacterial, homogeneous, smooth and, above all, stain and abrasion resistant surface. The combination of these features ensures that the Hafro washbasins have excellent durability and unaltered geometries, and thus excellent aesthetics.

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