Hafro Indoor-Outdoor Hydromassage Spas

Minerva and Altana, Hafro hydromassage spas, have been designed for indoor and outdoor contexts, specifically to ensure maximum customisation of wellness settings. Functionality, aesthetics, advanced technologies and comfort give life to products specifically conceived for the care of psychophysical wellbeing and to reserve reconciling moments of pure relaxation. Thanks to their minimal and refined style, Hafro whirlpool baths furnish exclusive wellness spaces.

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Hydromassage Spas


Indoor and outdoor hydromassage mini-pools


Indoor and outdoor hydromassage mini-pools

Excellent performance for body well-being
Hafro whirlpools offer all-round beneficial treatments. In the Altana spa, for example, the directional and rotating air jets, together with the adjustable water temperature, relax the muscles, relieve back and neck pain, stimulate the lumbar region and the lymphatic and vascular system, rebalancing the metabolism and toning the body.


Hydromassage systems
Both spas, Altana and Minerva, feature Whirlpool, Airpool or combined Whirlpool Airpool hydromassage systems. Energising or gentle massages, purifying or toning, they can all be modulated via elegant touch keypads.

Crucial is the automatic recirculation system, which, thanks to UV disinfection, keeps the water clean and hygienic at all times. A further plus is the heater, which allows you to set the water to the desired temperature.
Customise your wellness experience with Hafro spa tubs.


Luxury wellness, minimal consumption
The latest generation technologies applied to the Minerva and Altana indoor-outdoor whirlpool spas guarantee the highest level of performance, minimising energy consumption and waste. In this way, our spas are able to provide a unique wellness experience while fully respecting the environment.

In addition, for the outdoor version, both whirlpool spas also include a thermo cover as an accessory, which, with its innovative, high-quality materials, helps to contain the dispersion of water heat.



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