A rich collection of accessories to make Turkish baths and saunas an even more functional and personal experience. Matching finishes, ergonomic design, and useful items furnish the space, enhancing the value of wellness. Exclusive chaise longues, wooden benches and tables, beech spindles with a stainless steel structure, comfortable backrests and headrests, and sauna-management accessories. Every element is designed to ensure the utmost comfort.

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Sauna Vita®
Gruppo Geromin
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Accessories Wellness

Multi-sensory showerhead

Rectangular or round multi-sensory showerhead.

Cold shower

Cold shower thermal hydrotherapy treatment

Residential doors and glass panels

Steam-proof doors and panels in 6 mm tempered glass

Steam-proof professional doors

Steam-proof doors and glass panels, Sv Steam model

Accessories Sauna

Chaise longue / Bench / Small tables

Accessories for a complete wellness area

Backrest / Headrest

Accessories for a complete wellness area

Tub / Spoon / Stones

The water contained in the tub must be poured onto the stones to produce steam

Thermo-hygrometer / Thermometer / Hygrometer

Thermo-hygrometer (temperature and humidity) Thermometer (temperature) Hygrometer (humidity)


Accessories for a complete wellness area

Accessories Hammam

Structures in smooth EPS

Structures, ceilings and seats in EPS

Wall-mounted seat

Wall-mounted folding seat

Stool / Bench

Stool and bench for hammam area

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