Hafro sanitary ceramics are the result of a remarkable design project, which aims to create trendy products for an elegant and sophisticated living style. WCs and bidets, designed by Antonio Bullo, have new geometric shapes and distinctive aesthetic signs that aim to be unique, but also long-lasting. This is why we have paid special attention to the materials, so that they can guarantee excellent aesthetic performance and endurance. All Hafro sanitaryware feature an antibacterial surface, achieved by a special ceramic firing method that makes it homogenous, smooth and, above all, resistant to stains and abrasions.

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Ceramic wall-hung and floor-standing sanitaryware


Ceramic wall-hung and floor-standing sanitaryware


Ceramic wall-hung and floor-standing sanitaryware


Wall-hung ceramic sanitaryware

 Hafro: cutting-edge sanitaryware meet design

From rimless sanitaryware to antibacterial glazes: a modern bathroom requires great care in the choice of ceramics. This is why Hafro Ceramics collection also includes modern sanitaryware in terms of drainage systems and construction materials.

All WCs in the Hafro Ceramics collection are rimless WCs: this system saves a considerable amount of water, as it uses only 3.5 l of flush water instead of the usual 6 l, which is ideal when considering environmental sustainability.

In addition, all products meet the latest market demands and are also ideal for renovations. All four sanitaryware collections feature a system with a shifted drain: the siphon has special technical curves that allow its position to be adjusted, without any masonry work on the existing installations.

Hafro’s sanitaryware cover is another detail that has been studied and produced with great care: each WC is equipped with a quick-release toilet cover, which makes it easy to clean, and with a slow, silent closing mechanism, a remarkable detail that preserves the beauty of the ceramic.

Furthermore, the sanitaryware fixing systems are completely invisible and designed to make the installation process quick and easy: in the case of ground-mounted toilets, there is no need for holes and floor fixings, and the installation is safe even on plasterboard.

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