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Venezia finish
Material for Geromin bathroom furniture


This innovative finish combines the refined, resistant properties of glass with special slabs featuring an elegant glossy or matt marble effect. This new material allows you to create furniture with a simple, modern design. Use it to clad the Eclipse base units to create continuity.
The white Calacatta finish features the same delicate shades as the precious Italian Calacatta marble, while the black Marquinia flaunts the marked white vein of the prized Spanish marble going by the same name.

The unique feature of this unit in a white Calacatta or black Marquinia marble-effect finish is the continuous vein. Starting from the unit front, it extends to the sides and across the top, uninterrupted, to create a single element.
The Venezia finish, when applied to different combinations of base units, creates compositions that are truly unique.


For cleaning, use special detergents for glass surfaces, which should be sprayed onto a microfibre glass cloth. In case of stains, especially dry, soften the stain with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth. Use lukewarm water and vinegar or water and denatured alcohol to remove all traces of halos.


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Wood for Geromin bathroom furniture


Veneering consists in covering chipboard panels with a thin sheet of fine wood known as veneer.

Veneer finishes: Natural Wood and Multistriped.

Oak and Walnut wood decorate the bathroom furniture in two different finishes: Natural Wood, which reproduces the wood-grain texture, and Multistriped, featuring a vertical-stripe pattern that creates a 3D surface effect. There are three shades available: Heat-treated Oak, offering a nuanced finish created by treating the wood to darken it; Light Oak, which has a very natural effect; and Walnut, with a warm, intense grains.


Elite: Natural Wood and Multistriped finishes
Suite: shell finishes Natural Oak, Dark Oak and White Ash
Fratino: table finishes Natural Oak, Dark Oak and White Ash
Change: shell and front finish Antique Oak (sides and tops do not have the black split, this particularity is only available on Change fronts)


For daily cleaning, use a soft or microfibre cloth slightly moistened with water.
For more thorough cleaning, use a soft cloth soaked in neutral, non-abrasive detergent and water. It is recommended to follow the natural grain of wood to ensure that dirt is removed from the pores and to always rinse the surface with a well-wrung cloth.
Dry all doors surfaces of the furniture unit after cleaning.
Never use alcohol, acetone, bleach, stain removers or ammonia.




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HPL – High Pressure Laminate
Material for Geromin bathroom furniture


High pressure laminate (HPL) is an excellent quality material, thanks to its functional and aesthetic properties. It is resistant to wear and steam, hygienic and versatile to cut and assemble. This make it an ideal material for making furniture. HPL is also ideal for all applications requiring both strength and a great design, and there are various different types. It is the most reliable material in terms of quality, while also being rich in aesthetic features. It can also be used to create contemporary design accessories in general. HPL also maintains its aesthetic and performance characteristics unaltered throughout its life cycle.

It is made up of layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with phenolic resins and features one or more layers of cellulose fibre on the surface, for aesthetic purposes. This surface layer is impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together by a high-pressure process, in accordance with standard EN 438:2005. Natural variations in temperature and humidity do not alter the properties of HPL. Being especially compact, HPL ensures an excellent combination of mechanical characteristics such as resistance to bending, traction, compression and impact. The panels are smooth and even, and have a high density, guaranteeing excellent resistance when removing fasteners. A very high percentage of the raw materials used for its production are recyclable.


Change: Body and fronts


Use a soft (non-abrasive), damp cloth to remove any dust deposits, particles or other dry material, without scouring the surface.

Use a non-abrasive cleaning agent to clean all surfaces and dry with a dry, soft cloth or paper towels.

Do not use abrasive or scratching substances (abrasive cleaners, powders, scouring pads, descaling agents, hydrochloric or formic acid). Rinse with lukewarm water and dry without leaving halos.

If stains are still present, repeat the operation with liquid detergent and warm (not boiling) water, rinsing and drying the surface.

In case that dirt is deposited in the crevices, use a soft toothbrush: only go over the affected spot with gentle, circular movements so as not to scratch the surface.

Avoid pouring hot liquids into the sink.

In the case of persistent limescale, kitchen vinegar may be used on the affected area, leaving it for a maximum of a few minutes and rinsing immediately afterwards.


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Material for Geromin bathroom furniture


3D-effect melamine
Top-quality FSC-certified materials, which also comply with E1 regulations for V100 chipboard as regards formaldehyde content.

Millennium Finish
Inspired by soft red-pine wood. Red pine creates a smooth, even finish you can really feel. What makes Millennium stand out is the dominant mottle, which creates a great visual effect with different areas of matt and gloss. The overall result is a decorative finish with real impact.

Engadina Finish
Engadina is a new, elegant finish with a vintage twist, which reinterprets the typical grain of sandblasted spruce wood, in a wide range of colours. This finish has a retro, pleasantly evocative edge, which maintains distinctive Cleaf style for traditional modules, in a perfectly contemporary vision.

Sherwood Finish
This surface finish is full of character, inspired by the oak trees of the Po valley. With deep, bold markings, Sherwood expresses the full force of nature. The shades selected by the Cleaf Research Lab allow Sherwood to be used both in traditional and contemporary spaces, for furniture, panelling and other installations for which stylish details are sought for the visuals and textures.

Ares Finish
Inspired by the urban wall designs found in industrial architecture, the Ares finish reproduces the simplicity and depth of a concrete or plastered wall.

Finitura Silk (only for Qubo2 collection)
Available in three colors, the new Silk finish in varnished matt melamine reproduces an elegant silk effect, for an extremely smooth texture that is pleasant to the touch.


Qubo2 / STR8 / Change
Body and fronts


Melamine surfaces are easy to clean and require no special maintenance.

Use a damp cloth with warm water and then dry with a soft, clean cloth.

For persistent stains we recommend a sponge with a laminate cleaner or glass cleaner. Conclude cleaning by wiping the surface with a dry cloth to avoid halos.

The melamine surface must never be treated with steel wool pads or products containing abrasive creams or powder detergents. Never use cleaning agents containing acids such as formic acid descaling agents, hydrochloric acid, bleach.





SILK - only for Qubo collection

Matt and glossy coloured lacquer
Material for Geromin bathroom furniture


The Geromin Group offers a range of matt and glossy lacquered colours. In addition to these, customers can opt to to customise their colour choice to personalise the bathroom space. Geromin is also environmentally conscious and uses water-based lacquers for its products.


Suite: Fronts
Fratino: Bases
STR8 / Change: Body and fronts


Remove excess dust or dirt stains with a soft microfibre cloth using mild detergents or specific detergents for lacquered surfaces.

Never use abrasive sponges, ammonia, corrosive products, bleach and limescale removers, as they may irreversibly damage the lacquer.

Always rinse all surfaces and dry them immediately with a microfibre cloth (air drying is not recommended).


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