Design Franco Bertoli

The whirlpool bathtub with a fluid and functional design. Its ergonomic seat allows for a position of absolute relaxation.

Corian® made and supplied with airpool hydro-massage system, becomes the heart of bathroom where beauty gives a new meaning to the functions, and open new horizons of style, comfort and project. Sensual enriches the water of new feelings and furnishing of new potentialities.

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    • Measurement

      250 x 120 x 60÷61 H (only wall/corner installation)
      220 x 120 x 60÷61 H
      190 x 120 x 60÷61 H
      190 x 100 x 60÷61 H
      190 x 90 x 60÷61 H
      190 x 80 x 60÷61 H
      180 x 100 x 60÷61 H
      180 x 90 x 60÷61 H
      180 x 80 x 60÷61 H

    • Faucets


    • Accessories

      Coussin FLAT blanc
      Chromothérapie (spot immergé exclu)
      Panneau frontal (seulement pour Installation centre pièce)

    • Installation

      Wall – Corner – In the middle of the room

    • Finishing

      Sensual finishes are in lacquered MDF (red, grey, white or customized RAL selection). The bigger version are provided with holding shelves, the smallest with smooth panels. 250/220 models are expanded with dresser in crystal glass finishes.

  • Personalizzazione cromatica con scala RALPersonalizzazione cromatica con scala RAL

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