forma cover H3.5

The drain cover in the same finish as the shower tray makes the surface homogenous. The plate can be cut to size on three sides.

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forma cover H3.5

forma cover H3.5

    • Measurement

      L1 x L2

      L1: 70-210
      L2: 70-100

      Standard e customized measures

    • Accessories

      Drain siphon included in the price

    • Installation

      Installation au sol
      Ras du sol

  • Bianco <span class="colordesk">Piatti doccia</span>Bianco Piatti doccia

  • GhiaccioGhiaccio

  • Antracite <span class="colordesk">Piatti doccia</span>Antracite Piatti doccia

  • Cemento <span class="colordesk">Piatti doccia</span>Cemento Piatti doccia

  • Beige <span class="colordesk">Piatti doccia</span>Beige Piatti doccia

  • Terra <span class="colordesk">Piatti</span>Terra Piatti

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