forma rim

The edge frames all sides of the shower tray keeping the surface clean and essential in shape.

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forma rim

forma rim

    • Measurement

      L1 x L2

      L1: 100-200
      L2: 80-100

      no non-standard sizes

    • Accessories

      Drain siphon included in the price
      Satin steel drain cover – Forma line finishes

    • Installation

      On the floor
      Flush to floor

  • White <span class="colordesk">Shower trays</span>White Shower trays

  • GhiaccioGhiaccio

  • Charcoal grey <span class="colordesk">Shower trays</span>Charcoal grey Shower trays

  • Cement grey <span class="colordesk">Shower trays</span>Cement grey Shower trays

  • Beige <span class="colordesk">Shower trays</span>Beige Shower trays

  • Terra <span class="colordesk">Shower trays</span>Terra Shower trays

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