A simple shower closing system becomes an interior design feature.

In the hinged version, the hinges with the riser allow the opening both inside and outside the door.
In the sliding version, the door slides with extreme easiness.

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    • Measurement

      210 H – sp. 8 mm

    • Finishing

      Bright Silver Finish
      Matt black finish

      Clear Glass
      Extra clear glass
      Smoked glass
      Satin glass
      Satin-finish central strip

    • Installation

      Corner – Wall – Niche

    • Specifications

      Standard H 210 cm
      Aluminium profiles with finishes: Polished satin, Natural Scotch Brite and Matt black
      8 mm-thick tempered glass with finishes: Clear, Satin, Satin central band, smoked and Extra clear
      (A) Wall profile extendibility
      (B) Possibility of extension profile
      (C) Paddle included
      (E) Magnetic door seal
      (J) Hinged door up/down system
      (L) Lower dam profile

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