Multi – sensory shower head

Two programmes to stimulate the senses.
After the sauna, take a shower to reduce the body temperature and extend your moment of relaxation. The round or rectangular sensory shower head features two programmes and a vertical shower. The sprayed cold mist with Balsamic essence and blue chromotherapy provides a pleasant hint of freshness. The hot “tropical cascade” makes water flow instilling energy through chromotherapy with red light and Vanilla essence. So regenerating!

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Multi-sensory shower head

Multi-sensory shower head

    • Finishing

      Round showerheads
      Rectangular showerheads

    • Specifications

      1. Hot and cold water supply
      2. Power supply
      3. Keyboard shortcut
      4. Nk chromotherapy
      5. Hot water output (for cascading)
      6. Cold water outlet (for nebulizers)
      7. Water mixer output (for head)
      8. Shower box
      9. Showerheads emotional polished steel
      10. Keyboard
      11. Exhaust
      12. Discharge of security optional
      13. Technical room
      14. Electro panel
      15. Mixer

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