Design Franco Bertoli

Bring nature to your home with a spruce wood sauna.

The sauna is made entirely of fir resonance. The inner lighting creates a unique ray effect thanks to the diffused light fitted to the wooden staved wall. A fir bench completes the furnishing. The wooden handle is integrated on the entire length of the door to provide an easy, safe grip and a natural decorative presence.

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    • Measurement

      300x192x204 H – x6 persons
      Max power: 9 kW

      250x192x204 H – x4/5 persons
      Max power: 9 kW

      200x192x204 H – x4 persons
      Max power: 6 kW

      200x142x204 H – x3/4 persons
      Max power: 4.5 kW

      160x127x204 H – x2/3 persons
      Max power: 3 kW

      120x127x204 H – x2 persons
      Max power: 2.3 kW

      120x92x204 H – x1 person
      Max power: 2.3 kW

      Can be custom-made

    • Finishing

      Exterior: Spruce
      Interior: Spruce
      Furnishes: Spruce

    • Accessories

      Reversible spruce backrest
      Spruce headrest
      Stopsol glass (optional)
      Sound system with bluetooth
      RGB Led chromotherapy with 3 cycles, automatic colour change and 42-colour iris function (replaces the standard interior light)
      Emergency mushroom button
      Laminam® protection

    • Installation

      Wall – Corner – Niche

    • Specifications

      Wooden ladle
      Wooden bucket
      Essence/glasses shelf
      Towel holder
      Bathrobe hook
      220w interior light
      Base with adjustable feet
      Tempered glass door, 6 mm thick
      Three-dimensional adjustable hinges
      Stove with stones
      Control panel: digital panel equipped with white Led backlit blue LCD display; date clock, time and temperature control; switch-on pre-setting and electronic hour glass

  • Spruce <span class="colordesk">Sauna & Turkish Bath</span>Spruce Sauna & Turkish Bath

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