Design Franco Bertoli

The perfect balance between eco-treated wood and top-quality glass.

A Finnish sauna that combines beauty and functionality.
Cuna is available in various models and sizes to adapt to any space and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of heat through an advanced technological system and refined materials.

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    • Measurement

      200x142x204 H – x3/4 persons
      Max power: 4.5 kW

      205x127x204 H – x3 persons
      Max power: 3.6 kW

      165x127x204 H – x2/3 persons
      Max power: 3 kW

      150x127x204 H – x2/3 persons
      Max power: 2.3 kW

      205x92x204 H – x2/3 persons
      Max power: 3 kW

      165x92x204 H – x2 persons
      Max power: 2.3 kW

      120x127x204 H – x2 persons
      Max power: 2.3 kW

      120x92x204 H (in 2 versions) – x1 persons
      Max power: 2.3 kW

      Can be custom-made

    • Finishing

      Exterior: Hemlock / Hemlock and Wenge front panel
      Interior: Hemlock
      Furnishes: Abachi wood

    • Accessories

      Abachi wood reversible backrest
      Stopsol Glass
      Sound system with bluetooth

    • Installation

      Wall – Corner – Niche

    • Specifications

      Wooden ladle
      Wooden bucket
      Essence/glasses shelf
      Towel holder
      Base with adjustable feet
      RGB Led chromotherapy with 3 cycles, automatic colour change and 42-colour iris function
      Tempered glass enclosures, 8 mm thick
      Stove with stones
      Interior panel with super-flat Laminam® protection plate (bronze finish) placed behind the stove
      Control panel: touch screen panel with white glass finish

  • HemlockHemlock

  • Wenge <span class="colordesk">Sauna & Turkish Bath</span>Wenge Sauna & Turkish Bath

  • Abachi wood <span class="colordesk">Sauna & Turkish Bath</span>Abachi wood Sauna & Turkish Bath

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