cuna shower

Design Franco Bertoli

Sauna and shower can live together also in a little space.

Sauna and shower combined in a practical union, easily adaptable in every space, to enjoy some ancient rite of fire and water.

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cuna shower

cuna shower

    • Measurement

      x3/4 persons:
      205 x 207 x 204 H
      Max power: 3,6 kW

      x2/3 persons:
      205 x 172 x 204 H
      Max power: 2,3 kW

      x1 person:
      200 x 92 x 204 H
      Max power: 2,3 kW

      Can be custom-made

    • Finishing

      Exterior: Hemlock / Hemlock and Wenge front panel
      Interior: Hemlock
      Furnishes: Abachi wood

    • Accessories

      Abachi wood reversible backrest
      Stopsol Glass
      Sound system: with USB or AUX input; 2 auxiliary stereo speakers

    • Installation

      Wall – Corner

    • Specifications

      Wooden ladle
      Wooden bucket
      Essence/glasses shelf
      Towel holder
      Base with adjustable feet
      RGB LED chromotherapy with 3 cycles, automatic colour change and 42-colour iris function
      Tempered glass door, 8 mm thick
      Stove with stones
      Internal panel with super-flat LAMINAM® protection plate (bronze finish) placed behind the stove
      Control panel: touch screen panel with white glass finish

      Shower cubicle
      Shower tray
      Walls with thermostatic taps and 4 vertical jets
      Handheld shower head
      8 mm safety glass enclosure with hinged door
      Marine plywood footboard

  • HemlockHemlock

  • Wenge <span class="colordesk">Sauna & Turkish Bath</span>Wenge Sauna & Turkish Bath

  • Abachi wood <span class="colordesk">Sauna & Turkish Bath</span>Abachi wood Sauna & Turkish Bath

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