Rio Grande W-Flow / Rio Grande Turbine

600 x 235 x 147 cm, swimming pool with a reclined position, 2 sitting positions, 1 for swimming

The Rio Grande swim spa provides combined experience for its users. Thanks to the unique solutions of the counter current system, it serves as a swicming pool, and after the exhausting swimming you can relax in the massage section with 3 seats and one reclining place. The W-Power Turbine – instead of the 3 hydromassage pumps- is capable to spin 150-160 m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swim spa pumps it produces by 75% less power consumption while delivering twice the amount of water.

Rio Grande W-Flow / Rio Grande Turbine

    • Measurement

      600 x 235 x 147 cm

    • Finishing

      acrylic colours: sterling silver

    • Accessories

      Expander training

    • Panels

      brown, black , grey

    • Specifications

      6 hydromassage pumps
      55 jets + 3 river jets
      UV-C water sanitization
      35 pcs LED lighting

      Experience the endless swimming with this
      powerful counterflow engine.

      Back massage on
      advanced level. With
      the adjustable direction
      and strength of the jets
      everyone can customize
      this massage place,
      which was developed
      especially for
      back massage.

      The 6 point back
      massage affords a
      standard proven back
      muscle massage.

      Our touch screen keypad is fun to use, simple to learn and
      features an intuitive and engaging one level menu interface.

      colour therapy
      smartphone app
      SmartTouch control panel
      heat exchanger preparation
      circulation pump
      W-EC Pump
      swimming stick
      thermo cover

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