Danube W-Flow/ Danube Turbine

450 x 235 x 147 cm, one-person swimming pool, 2 sitting places

The Danube swim spa is a 4 m long exercise pool. Danube Power’s 3 river jets gives you the perfect counterflow to exercise freely in the spa. Its maximum pump strength is 6 horsepower, which allows for perfect movement strength. Danube Turbine has a counter-current W-Power turbine, that capable of moving 150-160 cubic meters of water per hour (4 adjustable positions), with 75% lower power consumption (7 Ampers only), and twice the water yield in comparison with swim spa engines. Incredible performance is combined with energy efficiency – it can even be operated on single-phase electric power.

Danube W-Flow/ Danube Turbine

    • Measurement

      450 x 235 x 147 cm

    • Finishing

      acrylic colours: sterling silver

    • Accessories

      Expander training

    • Panels

      brown, black, grey

    • Specifications

      3 hydromassage pumps
      3 river jets
      UV-C water sanitization
      21 pcs LED lighting

      The Aquabike is recocmended to those who seek
      a general fitness training, need exercises for
      rehabilitation, or simply enjoy cycling.

      3 RIVER JETS
      Maximum performance, 3 jets countercourrent
      system, one Viper swim spa pump for each river jet.

      The expander combined with
      paddles offers the experience of
      real rowing. At the same time,
      the expander alone can be
      used for a number of different
      fitness trainings.

      The secret of dynamic swimming training.

      colour therapy
      smartphone app
      SmartTouch control panel
      heat exchanger preparation
      circulation pump
      swimming stick
      thermo cover

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