Amazonas W-Flow / Amazonas Turbine

550 x 235 x 147 cm, one-person swimming pool, 2 sitting places

Spa and swimming pool in one! It can be a relaxing time with the family or workout, relaxing swimming, the Amazonas swim spa provides opportunity for all of them. With the easy access to the swicming area, we can easily change between the pampering wellness and the sport activity that moves the whole body. The W-Power Turbine – instead of the 3 hydromassage pumps- is capable to spin 150-160 m3 water per hour. In contrast to standard swim spa pumps it produces by 75% less power consumption while delivering twice the amount of water.

Amazonas W-Flow / Amazonas Turbine

    • Measurement

      550 x 235 x 147 cm

    • Finishing

      acrylic colours: sterling silver

    • Accessories

      Expander training

    • Panels

      brown, black, grey

    • Specifications

      4 hydromassage pumps
      36 jets + 3 river jets
      UV-C water sanitization
      25 pcs LED lighting

      360º rotation allows music
      to be directed to where you
      want it, in or out of
      the spa (optional).

      The two skimmer type filter houses room
      3 antimicrobial paper filters.

      Sit under the cascading
      water and enjoy a soothing
      neck and shoulder massage.

      Calm down on one of the
      three massage seats after an
      intensive exercise.

      Heat exchanger preparation
      colour therap
      Swimming stick
      Smartphone app.
      SmartTouch control panel
      Auxiliar panel
      Circulation pump
      Thermo cover

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