Indoor acrylic wash tubs resistant to impacts, thermal shock, and all non-corrosive chemicals.

Utility sinks are made from different size. The sinks are very sturdy, heat resistant and also resistant to all non-corrosive chemical agents. Wash tubs with base unit with a matt finish and square edged doors, in 18 mm thick, w100 water repellent melamine. The sink unit has a wood board, soap holder, siphon, overflow drain. Accessories include a practical, pull-out laundry basket on runners. A wide range of sizes is available, allowing our customers to make the best use of all spaces.

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    • Measurement

      130x 60 x 92.5 H (rh / lh)
      110 x 60 x 92.5 H (rh / lh)
      78 x 60 x 92.5 H (2 sinks)
      78 x 60 x 92.5 H (1 sink)
      60 x 60 x 92.5 H
      75 x 50 x 92.5 H
      60 x 50 x 92.5 H
      50 x 50 x 92.5 H
      45 x 50 x 92.5 H
      50 x 45 x 92.5 H

      The shaped twin basin of the 78×60 cm washbasin makes washing by hand easy. The design meets the needs of everyday life and makes life simpler.
      The sink unit is organised so as to have a pull-out laundry basket that leaves room for detergents. Everything in its place.
      The pull-out laundry basket with metal frame, the board for washing by hand, and the wooden shelf combine functionality with an aesthetic appreciation of shape and material. The unit is stand-alone and elegant.

    • Specifications

      Gloss white laminate

      Environmentally friendly particle board panels (white melamine)

      Made of Grey ABS

      ABS Feet
      Aluminum finish

      Aluminium bottom

      Colours available
      Gloss white, Gloss pearl grey

      Equipped with wooden board, drain plug, siphon, overflow, and soap holder
      Gloss white acrylic Smart sink

  • White <span class="colordesk">Laundry</span>White Laundry

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