Indoor wash tubs with base unit with squared doors and matt finishes.

Washbasins Prima offer a wide range of choices for different dimensions.They are extremely resistant to impact, thermal shock and all non-corrosive chemicals. The cabinet under lavatory with squared doors matt finishing is waterproof laminated w100 thickness of 18 mm. and is provided with polypropylene or Swedish pine washtub board, drip tray soap dish, siphon, drain and overflow with white ABS handle.

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    • Measurement

      1 sink
      78 x 60 x 95.5 H
      60 x 60 x 95.5 H
      60 x 50 x 95.5 H
      45 x 50 x 95.5 H
      110 x 60 x 91 H* (rh / lh)

      *95.5 H with raised edge

      Wash tubs with base unit include board, soap holder, siphon, overflow drain.
      The washing machine fits perfectly into a compact composition thanks to the ramped sink with grooves that curve to right or left.

    • Specifications

      Made of lacquered matt white MDF 18 mm thick

      Environmentally friendly, water-repellent (V100), non-toxic particle board panels (matt white) with low formaldehyde content

      Made of White ABS

      ABS Feet
      Aluminum finish

      Aluminium bottom

      Colours available
      Matt white

      Equipped with plastic board, drain plug, siphon, overflow, and soap holder
      White ABS Prima sink

    • Finishing


  • White <span class="colordesk">Laundry</span>White Laundry

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