Comp. STO 15

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The perfect laundry room with linear style that furnishes small and large spaces while always maintaining maximum functionality.

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    • Measurement

      H 200 x L 220 x P 65 cm

    • Specifications

      Structure th.6 Honey Sherwood with washbasin base L70 2 doors rh version – Matt white A01 with “CLIP” handle H.93 x L.152 x D.65 cm
      Wall unit w/2 hinged doors H70 – Matt White A01 Push-pull opening H.70 x L.70 x D.21 cm
      Wall unit w/1 hinged door H70 – Matt White A01 Push-pull opening H.70 x L.35 x D.21 cm
      Open module w/1 fixed shelf – Matt white A01 H.70 x L.35 x D.21 cm
      Column w/2 hinged doors H200 – Matt white A01 Push-pull opening H.200 x L.70 x D.36,5 cm

    • Finishing


      MI1 White

      EN1 Light Grey
      EN2 Dark Grey

      SH1 Honey
      SH2 Tobacco

      RS1 White Ares
      RS2 Grey Ares
      RS3 Mink Ares
      RS4 Graphite Ares


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