Comp. ELI 07

Collection Elite

Smooth, grained or striped: wood as a material has many shapes, shades and textures. The new multistriped finish gives the bathroom furniture an original, refined flavour.

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    • Measurement

      H 200 x L 143,2 x P 50 cm

    • Specifications

      Wall-mounted straight base unit w/1 drawer H35 – Natural Wood Walnut, Kuro Handle H.35 x L.70 x D.50 cm
      Lacquered infill panel – Matt Dark Grey A13 H.35 x L.1.3 x D.50 cm
      Panelling with matt Dark Grey back A13 H.90 x L.45 cm
      Mirror panelling H.90 x L.90 cm
      Shelf for panelling, matt Dark Grey A13 w/LED lighting H.3.5 x L.45 x D.15 cm
      Shelf for panelling with lighting, matt Dark Grey A13 H.3.5 x L.90 x D.15 cm
      Forma Upstand LM White L.135 x H.23 x th.1.5 cm
      Lacquered top per LM Matt Dark Grey A13 L.143.2 x D.50.5 x th.1.2 cm
      Forma Top per LM White w/”Organic” built-in basin L.135,6 x D.50,5 x th.13 cm

    • Finishing


      EW1 Natural Wood Heat-Treated Oak
      EM1 Multistriped Heat-Treated Oak
      EW2 Natural Wood Walnut
      EM2 Multistriped Walnut
      EW3 Natural Wood Light Oak
      EM3 Multistriped Light Oak


      EL1 Heat-Treated Oak
      EL2 Walnut
      EL3 Light Oak

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