rigenera 200

The shower column that will make you experience a shower in a waterfall. Energetic and invigorating.

Water as it comes from a fall, energetic, vigorous, strong.
It is one of the possible experiences created by Rigenera 200, a resolute way to live the shower when you need a full and cheerful feeling.

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rigenera 200

rigenera 200

    • Measurement

      Without fixed shower
      199 H x 35 x 11

      With fixed shower
      206 H x 35 x 11

    • Specifications

      Thermostatic mixer
      Rainfall handheld shower head
      35×22 shower head
      Steel water blade cascade
      6 whirlpool jets with 3 functions: atomiser, pulsed, and rainfall
      Steel and polyurethane foldable seat
      Storage compartment

    • Finishing

      Construction material: satin steel and Corian®

  • White Corian<sup>®</sup>White Corian®

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