duo box

The Duo whirlpool bathtub with a multifunction column to create a functional shower/tub system.

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duo box

duo box

    • Measurement

      170 x 75 x 213 H

    • Panels

      White acrylic, lacquered, PVC, coverable

    • Specifications

      frame bathtub
      drain column
      bowl edge profile kit shower cabin complete of equipped column
      handshower on slide bar
      spout 6 vertical pulsed jets
      trap drain

    • Installation


    • Finishing

      Jet finishes: chrome

    • Accessories

      White ACQUA pillow
      Ozone therapy in Airpool version only
      Tileable inspection panel equipped with 30×45 kit
      Chromotherapy (underwater light not included) – Not available for frame and whirlpool versions
      1 x 500 ml bottle of liquid disinfectant for bathtubs with sanitising system
      BIOSAN disinfection only for manual whirlpool
      Bromine tablets for BIOSAN disinfection

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