change comp. 207

Change Collection . Composition 207

The new HPL botticino finish, in addition to the already known quality of resistance and versatility of use, enhances the bathroom cabinet’s sense of material, giving it an even stronger appearance.

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comp. 207

comp. 207

    • Measurement

      140 x 50 x 190 H

    • Specifications

      Botticino Laminate Base Unit
      Clip Handle
      Botticino Laminate Countertop with Built-in sink H 13 cm
      90 x 70 cm Backlit Mirror?
      Matt Dark Beige Lacquered Wall Cabinet with 1 Hinged Door L.35 – D.21 – H.70
      Matt Dark Beige Lacquered Open Module L.15 – D.21 – H.70

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