Comp. CHA 02

Collection Change

A collection that changes and customizes the bathroom through its several combinations and compositions.

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    • Measurement

      H 200 x L 250,6 x P 50,5 cm

    • Specifications

      Straight washbasin base unit w/1 large drawer H.50 + internal drawer – Chestnut HPL, push-pull opening H.50 x L.120 x D.50 cm
      Wall-mounted straight base unit w/1 large drawer H. 50 + internal drawer – Chestnut HPL push-pull opening H.50 x L.60 x D.50 cm
      Mirror for light with matt black aluminium frame H.90 x L.70 cm
      “WIN Z” light L.52 cm
      Open Module H.14 in Matt White Tecnotek with Matt Blush Pink A33 back H.14 x L.70 x D.14 cm
      Quartz top per LM w/built-in washbasin L.70 White Tatum L.180,6 x D.50,5 x th.2 cm

    • Finishing

      Body and front
      RA4 Antique Oak

      MI1 White

      EN1 Light Grey
      EN2 Dark Grey

      SH1 Honey
      SH2 Tobacco

      RS1 White Ares
      RS2 Grey Ares
      RS3 Mink Ares
      RS4 Graphite Ares


      HP1 Slavonian Oak
      HP5 Chestnut
      HP6 Egyptian Malta
      HP7 Dark Wood


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